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1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement (1893mrm) is a registered Movement in Zimbabwe. We are a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental human rights and Restoration Movement. We believe in peace, Justice and equality to all. We believe in Self-determination and sovereignty rights to every nation.

1893mrm is also established to act as an umbrella organisation under which all citizens of Mthwakazi regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, tribe, political affiliation or any other diverse factor can speak in one unified voice that addresses common grievances as well as collective empowerment and development

1893mrm also seeks to engage community development and empowerment through establishing multiple projects and programs ranging from education, business development, infrastructural upgrades, counselling and resettlement services and many more. Click here for more...

Vuka Mthwakazi 21 Vukani MaNdebele

The Restoration of Mthwakazi

- by Thabo
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King Lobhengula – Murdered by the British Government and the British Monarch 1893

“The chameleon gets behind the fly, remains motionless for some time, then he advances very slowly and gently, first putting forward one leg and then another. At last, when well within reach, he darts his tongue and the fly disappears. England is the Chameleon and I am that fly.” – Lobhengula, the second King of Mthwakazi Nation.

Ngibhace ezizweni by Bongani Ncube

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About 1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement - Thembani Dube

I am Matebeleland

Mzwakhe Mbuli - Gukurahundi song

Who is Mthwakazi?

Mthwakazi (Matebeleland and Midlands) is a recognised well documented former colony of Britain, whose neighboring State was Mashonaland, up until the forced amalgamation by the British colonisers. Mthwakazi consisted of the following boundaries signed for by King Lobhengula; The Limpopo River border that separates Mthwakazi from South Africa, Ramoqaubane border that separates Mthwakazi from Bostwana, Zambezi River border that separates Mthwakazi with Zambia and finally, the Jameson line that separated Mashonaland with (Mthwakazi). The Jameson Line boundary between Mashonaland and the State of Mthwakazi was established by an act of the British Parliament in June 1891 after The Berlin Conference of 1885 had determined that colonial powers should draw boundaries between their claims in order to minimise conflict between the scrambling powers. This treaty was ratified in Versailles in 1919, and consequently the United Nations in 1945. Its is then that the Kingdom of Mthwakazi, just like all other States and colonies of the time attained its Birth Right and sovereign existance as a legally documented nation and State owing to its pre-existing borders under King Mzilikazi and consequently, King Lobengula. 

The principle of self-determination is prominently embodied in Article 1 of the Charter of the United Nations.  ...All peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

Mthwakazi is a proud Nation made up of amalgamated tribes and races that have co-existed diversely and peacefully with each other for over 123 years.

Some of the indigenous languages that make the nation of Mthwakazi are as follows: IsiNdebele, isiKhalanga, isiVenda, isiTonga, isiSuthu, isiNambiya, isiShangani, isiTswana, isiXhosa, isiChewa, isiBemba, isiNguni, isiShankwe and isiDombe.

Mthwakazi over generations became a nation of amalgamated societies which grew to embrace multiracial inclusiveness. We have amongst Mthwakazi, the white community, the Asian community, and a significant mixed race or interacial community.

 Mthwakazi derives its name from the local name of the San people, AbaThwa who were ruled by Queen Muthwa up to the 18th Century. Our everlasting and unbreakable bond is due to unity in diversity, and our collective resistance to colonialism since 1893 when Mthwakazi Kingdom was invaded, destroyed and occupied by Cecil John Rhodes and his cronies under the auspices of the British government. 

After the destruction of our Nation by Rhodes and his cronies, two independent British colonies, Mthwakazi (Matebeleland) and Mashonaland were forcibly conjoined (without public opinion or a Referendum) to form Southern Rhodesia, and then Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and then what is called Zimbabwe today. Since 1893, we have suffered from colonization, genocide, segregation, marginalization and misrepresentation in our own country, from both white and black occupying governments.

Our Rights as a Nation have been trampled upon, disrespected and disregarded. Our everlasting and unbreakable bond is also due to our collective resistance to the Gukurahundi Genocide and suffering we have and continue to experience at the hands of the Zimbabwean tribalist Government since 1980.

Clearing the confusion between Secession and Restoration


Secession is when a group of people decides for whatever reason to divide a unitary State or a united State into two or more countries. The leaders of such an act are therefore called secessionists. It is important to note that in secessionism there is pursuance of what was never there before, which laterally means creating a new State within an existing State. It is in this regard that we wish to set the record straight, that Mthwakazi's claim for an independent State is not a secession case. 


Restoration has to do with mainly correcting the past mishaps. It involves taking back and or fixing or redressing that which would have been acquired or destroyed  illegally in the past. In our case as Mthwakazi, we are justified based on our human and peoples' Rights under the United Nations Charter of Rights  to claim back our sovereignty through self-determination, our political, economical, cultural and territorial space that was stolen from us in the past. 1893MRM is hence, a Restoration Movement.



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