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"The only way to weaken the Ndebele is to deprive him of an education" - NATHAN SHAMUYARIRA.

One would recall that Shamuyarira was widely believed, and, alleged to be the author of the toxic and dangerous so-called 1979 Grand Plan document that formally provided a blueprint for the subsequent golgothisation of Matebeleland and Midlands, the scorched earth policy and the Gukurahundi campaign applied by the Zanu-Pf government in Matebeleland and Midlands that murdered in excess of HALF A MILLION God-fearing and defenceless villagers and left tens of thousands disabled and dismembered, yet millions more were displaced to this day from their original homeland where they fled murder, torture and rape by the government police, Central Intelligence organisation (CIO agents) and the military army.

The question which arises of course is what is the source of such ‘outrageous’ claims?

Fortunately the answer is to be found in the subsequent document called: "Progress Review of the 1979 Grand Plan Document". The authors inadvertently let the cat out of the proverbial bag by asserting that:

"We must not forget what Nathan Shamuyarira once observed in the 1979 Grand Plan "The only way to weaken the Ndebele is to deprive him of an education."

There you have it. The above quotation is an extract from the review document and it is quoting what Shamuyarira is alleged to have said in the 1979 original document. Curiously, it is significant that when this review document came out, the Zanu-Pf government never really made an effort to get to the bottom of its origin other than a cursory dismissal of it which was issued through none other than Nathan Shamuyarira where he made reference to the fact that president Mugabe has Ndebele relatives within his family since his father was married to a MaTshuma from Matebeleland. It is significant that he Shamuyarira did not unequivocally and unambiguously deny or refute ever writing the 1979 Grand Plan Document.

"The only way to weaken the Ndebele is to deprive him of an education." - NATHAN SHAMUYARIRA.

(the author of the GRAND PLAN WHICH KILLED over half a million abaThwakazi and displaced over 2 million civilians in Matebeleland and Midlands).


Zanu PF Grand Plan review beyond year 2000 (pdf)

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