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Gukurahundi – the Crimes and testimonies

The key men behind the Gukurahundi Massacres: Robert Mugabe (President), Emmerson Mnangagwa (then State Security Minister) and Perrence Shiri (then commander of the 5th Brigade).

Following Zimbabwe’s independence of 1980, the Zimbabwe Government led by Robert G. Mugabe began an ethnic cleansing genocide aimed specifically at killing all isiNdebele speaking persons of Zimbabwe or in the least case scenario striking such terrifying fear amongst the population of abaThwakazi, through despicable methods of brutal abductions and torture. Rape, torture, dismemberment of body organs such as ears, lips, sexual organs, arms and legs etc., burning people alive, burying large groups of civilians alive in mass graves, throwing large numbers of civilians in deep open old mine shafts and opening up bellies of pregnant women with knifes to kill both mother and child at the same time, causing disappearances of civilians identified as government threats were some but a few of the gruesome methods that were executed to purge an entire ethnic population of abaThwakazi and particularly persons identified as speaking isiNdebele. Along with the isiNdebele speaking population, anyone belonging to Mthwakazi nation became victim of the atrocities.

It was and it is only one’s ability to speak the Shona language of Zimbabwe that one could and can be saved the wrath of such brutal death or abuse by the tribalist government of Zimbabwe which carried out the Gukurahundi atrocities using its special British and North Korean trained 5th Brigade forces ( a special army that was trained only to carry out the genocide to cleanse or purge the newly independent Zimbabwe, of abaThwakazi).

Reports and witnesses have proven and confirmed that the atrocities and systematic cleansing of the abaThwakazi nation which carried on from the British government and Monarch in 1980 by the Zimbabwe government was infact the results of a carefully planned and drafted program which was authored by a special committee of Zanu PF politburo headed by Nathan Shamuyarira and Zimbabwe’s current Vice President, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. This carefully authored program later leaked into the public domain and is popularly known by its title “1979 Zanu PF. Grand Plan” This documented plan was and is a masterminded program drafted against the targeted tribes of abaThwakazi and it appears to have been written during the period of war of liberation dating back to 1963. Evidence clearly shows that the 1979 Grand Plan was carefully and expertly written by Zanu PF’s elite structure and its purpose was to come up with a plan that would exterminate the existence of the abaThwakazi nation from Zimbabwe. isiNdebele was used as the identifying language for the targeted victims of abaThwakazi and as such even today that systematic abuse of anyone caught speaking isiNdebele in Zimbabwe is highly prevalent in all structures of government and the private sectors that the government monitors and controls.

If you read The 1979 Grand Plan together with its follow up supporting documents, you will have no doubt that Zimbabwe’s independence of 1980 had been celebrated to benefit Mashonaland and deprive or eliminate Mthwakazi (Matebeleland) as a people and as a nation.

Gukurahundi Reports

To this day the 1979 Grand Plan of Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF is still ploughing its vicious tribalist terror system to the masses of Mthwakazi. Reports have indicated that the Gukurahundi genocide, torture, mass killings and disappearances of civilians during the period of 1983 to 1987 may have left about 20 000 civilians dead in the region. We find these reports to be greatly deflated and inaccurate, owing to the account of methods of mass killings that happened daily and by the hour in all regions of Mthwakazi during that period. We are also direct victims that experienced first had, the torture and abuse and also were witness to the killings, some of which we were made to dig the mass graves ourselves and then after people were ordered to lie in those graves we were then orded by the government army of Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF to then bury the many civilians lying underground alive. No reporters or news agencies or international observers where there to witness 90% of the killings in the region of Matebeleland and Midlands (Mthwakazi) and as such to pull a figure of 20 000 from a hat and decide to claim that it is what number of people could have been killed or disappeared or buried alive etc is very unreasonable. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were never accounted for by the quoted reports such as the CCJP (Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace) report. Investigators of this report could not have been allowed to exhume all the mass graves and account for the dead fetuses of pregnant women who had still-born babies or had their children cut out of their mothers bellies with a knife. A more reasonable figure of the murdered cannot be any less than 500 000 unarmed civilians coupled with tens of thousands of civilians that lost limbs and were dismembered by the special government army. Also over 2 million civilians fled to neighboring South Africa and Botswana and even to date many abaThwakazi are still in exile from the continuing tribalist systematic abuses by the Zimbabwe Zanu PF government. Victims that have never been accounted for include fetuses and still born babies who died due to the forced stress labor by their mothers. Pregnant women had their stomachs cut open to kill them and release unborn babies so that the Mthwakazi population would not expand. Large groups of villages were ordered to dig mass graves and ordered to get in them and either would then be buried alive or shot dead before being buried. villagers were thrown into old dysfunctional mines to die in agony below the earth. Large populations of abaThwakazi were dismembered and mutilated to instil fear on survivors. Schools were burnt down with principals, teachers and students in them so that education would not be possible in Mthwakazi. Speaking local languages, especially isiNdebele was not allowed as every Mthwakazi person was forced to learn and speak Shona and not doing so got thousands of civilians killed just for speaking isiNdebele. Even today in Zimbabwe, opportunities in the workforce, education in schools, colleges and universities and business dealings will only be a success to a Mthwakazi person if you are able to show ability to speak Shona. Thousands of abaThwakazi civilians were forced to change their last names to Shona last names just so as to try and open up opportunities to persue education, get employed or promoted at work, etc. All the above witnesses and facts of the mass killings and abuses perpertrated against abaThwakazi could not have accounted for only 20 000 victims. This 20 000 figure is a figure that Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF murderers appear to be confortable with as it does not sound alarm bells such as would do, the real estimates of the murdered and disappeared and maimed. Zimbabwe’s officials trust that a figure of 20 000 victims is going to keep potential arrest at bay to them. They are dependent on the fact that victims of such gross violations, genocide, crimes against humanity and ethinic cleansing may not find the courage and motivation to approach such courts as The Hague and the ICC (International Criminal Court).

Gukurahundi – The Involvement of Foreign governments in the Crimes against humanity

Nkala audio evidence

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