1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement

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Mthwakazi heritage - music, arts, culture, customs and traditions

Do you have a special gift and you would like to be featured in this page? Do you have a special Mthwakazi video or pictures from any of the following sections that you would like to see featured for the rest of Mthwakazi nation to enjoy? The following sections are open for your submissions. Depending on the number of submissions we receive, we may not feature every video, but we will always do our best to consider every video, audio and picture sent to us. BaThwakazi, this is your window of opportunity to the rest of the world. Take advantage of it with your submissions...

·        Mthwakazi heritage – arts & cultural fashion design

·        Show-casing music talent within AbaThwakazi

·        Mthwakazi Ndebele Folk-Tales and Inbongi/Poetry

·         Our Culture & Traditions

Submit your contributions to: 1893matebelelandrestoration@gmail.com.

Our Nation is also identified by the pride of our ancestors’ rock (cave) paintings of abaThwa (San people) scattered around the hills and mountains of Mthwakazi, especially Matopo Hills, within the Jameson line, that is the border between Mthwakazi and Mashonaland. The rock paintings are one of the first inventions of writing that was done by our ancestors in an art form in Africa. This has never been acknowledged in the history of mankind. We are simply a unique Nation inhabited by unique peoples and we must ooze pride and a strong sense of patriotism and National identity.

A traditional village home koMthwakazi

The Matopo Hills rock paintings

Artwork showing traditional dressing of abaThwakazi women.

Show-casing music talent within AbaThwakazi

Honoring Kont Mhlanga – a hero koMthwakazi – promoting arts, drama and music

2015 Prince Claus Laureate Amakhosi

Mthwakazi Ndebele Folk-Tales and Inbongi/Poetry

INGANEKWANE: Ndebele Folk-Tales: Umvundla loNteletsha

INGANEKWANE: Ndebele Folk-Tales: Umvundla loNteletsha, In this story Gogo Makhalisa teaches us to watch out for people who are con-artists and tricksters like Mvundla.

INGANEKWANE - Ndebele Folk-Tales - Umvundla LoSilwane [ Hare & Lion ]

INGANEKWANE - Umvundla LoSilwane [ Hare & Lion ] - A story warning us about untrustworthy people. These Ndebele tales are read by UGogo Makhalisa - Join us as Gogo gathers us around you.

Cora Ndebele Klick sound poem

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Learning Mthwakazi languages

Our Culture & Traditions

Honoring some of Mthwakazi’s music legends



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