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How Bulawayo suburbs were named...

  • 18 Jul 2017 10:36 PM
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    Names of Bulawayo suburbs and how they came up.


    Lobhengula chose this name because there was some opposition to him succeeding his father Mzilikazi. Two turbulent years passed before he was enthroned. It was so named to express Lobhengula's feelings that he was the one meant to be killed (ngingobulawayo ). It was common at that time to refer to Bulawayo as 'kobulawayo umtanenkosi.' Mbiko Masuku wanted Nkulumane to be King instead of Lobhengula- his wife was sister to Nkulumane. 


    named after the founding king of the Ndebele nation King Mzilikazi.


    Makhokhoba was derived from the actions of Mr Fallon who used to walk around with a stick. The name come from umakhokhoba, the noise of the stick ko-ko-ko made by the old man who stayed there.


     Was named after a Bulawayo mayor H R Barbour.


     Was named after one of King Lobhengula's sons who was whisked out of Rhodesia by Cecil John Rhodes to give them western education in the Cape Province.


    Named after King Mzilikazi's father. Matshobana was the son of Mangethe.


    Was named after one of the Ndebele villages called iSizinda, at one time iSizinda village was stationed where the present township is site.


    The township built for men only was named after the tree species that abounds in the area.


    Sometimes referred to eZinkabini , there lived men who were not supposed to bring in their wives, frequent searches were carried out to flash out women.

    Amabutho refers to conscripted men, ready to be trained as soldiers during the heyday of the Ndebele State. 


    Was named after one of the royal sons of Lobhengula, Njube was the first to be born after Lobhengula had become king. He alongside Nguboyenja were taken to Cape by Rhodes in order that there be no rallying point in Matabeleland that could lead to the resuscitation of the Ndebele mornachy.


    Was a favourite of many residents in Bulawayo, it provided a long term lease and accomodated lodgers. Mpophoma in isiNdebele refers to a waterfall. The name is derived from a stream further west which flowed towards the Khami river and the stream in question had a waterfall.


    Was built further west and its name captured the ongoing struggles to gain longer and more secure housing tenure for Africans in Bulawayo since the Rhodesian laws stipulated that town belonged to whites and Africans were to live in reserves hence Africans had to rest and phumula the struggles.


    Became the name that immortalised the struggles for more secure tenure. The matter (of the struggle) is over, indaba iphelile. Phelandaba became a prestigious township where big names lived, Joshua Nkomo had a house there. 


    This suburb was named after King Lobhengula's senior induna, Magwegwe Fuyana. When King Lobhengula fled north under attack from Cecil Rhodes' forces, Magwegwe was killed in place of the king and his remains, disguised as those of King Lobhengula, were interred in a cave at Pashu in Binga.


    Was named after the last Ndebele monarch, the very king who gave the name koBulawayo. It was Lobhengula's contested accession to the royal throne that led to the name koBulawayo. When soldiers arrayed by Mbiko kaMadlenya Masuku the Chief of Zwangendaba fought him, King Lobhengula would say 'ngingobulawayo .' 


     comes from King Mzilikazi's burial place, a small hill off the old Gwanda road.


    Is a name that derives from one of the four generative villages at the time of king Mzilikazi. It was the third to be established following the integration of the Dlodlos into the Ndebele State. A number of villages were part of aMakhanda that is, iNzwananzi, iNxa, iNdinana, iNsinda and iNsingo.. Amakhanda was also the place where amabutho were undergoing millitary training.


    Is the isiNdebele name for Fort Rixon.


    The name derives from Nkulumane, King Mzilikazi's heir apparent, Nkulumane was born during the visit of Dr Robert Moffart. By then King Mzilikazi was then resident at Mhlahlandlela where Pretoria stands today. Dr Moffat was coming from Kuruman but that name was corrupted by the Ndebele to Nkulumane.


    The name derived from a tree found in the vicinity. The marula tree is called umganu in isiNdebele hence place name given in locative form. The last tree where traders and missionaries from the south usually stopped and outspanned their wagon


    Was the totem of King Lobhengula's mother a woman of Swazi extraction Fulatha Tshabalala. This was also a reason to bar Lobhengula from succeeding his father that Fulatha his mother was not a pure Nguni. After ascending the throne, Lobhengula rightly treated his mother as the queen-mother. 


    Was named after one of Lobhengula's daughters Mfamona but the name was corrupted to Famona. 


    Bears the name of a senior member of the Ndebele royal circle, Mahatshula Ndiweni who lived in the Nhlambabaloyi village.


    Was named after the Royal Clan of the Ndebele


     Named after chief Luveve


    Named after one of the Ndebele Chiefs Gwabalanda Mathe. During the heydays of the Ndebele State there was indunankulu, chief of chiefs and under King Mzilikazi it was Gwabalanda Mathe.


    Was Lobhengula's maternal grandmother, Fulatha Tshabalala's mother.



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