1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement

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This page is dedicated to the restoration of the Kingdom of Mthwakazi. The stories and content that will be carried on this page are not to be used nor seen as an endorsement of any future King by the Movement through this website.

The movement’s position is that there can be no restoration of Mthwakazi nation without the restoration of the Kingdom and its King. All the treaties, Agreements, Concessions and negotiations successful or unsuccessful where done by British colonisers through recognition and communication with the then King Lobhengula and his Chiefs of the Kingdom of Mthwakazi – recognising the Kingdom of Mthwakazi as a separate and sovereign State independent of Mashonaland State.

 As we all know, this Movement is a peoples’ movement and does not have the responsibility nor the mandate to choose and influence direction towards the recognition of a particular individual for the throne of King. We will however state that the movement has within it abaThwakazi that truly and unreservedly believe in the need for a King in order to restore the Kingdom of Mthwakazi, while at the same time there is those that have no interest in any restoration agenda for the Kingdom of Mthwakazi yet we all suffer the same fate from the same perpetrations by our abusers and oppressors. The Movement is a One Voice umbrella sheltering all abaThwakazi to speak from the same platform in a united voice. The Movement encourages freedom of speech, association, non discrimination as well as the freedom to exist as an independent nation with the Rights of all its citizens respected. The movement is non-political and does not condorn nor participate in any actions of violence or war in our quest for civil and social justice as well as the independence of Mthwakazi.

The Movement through this webpage is simply providing relevant information and education to the nation of Mthwakazi to have the following questions; Who? Why? When? Where and how? Answered by whoever puts a claim to the throne of Kingship over the nation of Mthwakazi. Stanley Raphael Khumalo (SRK) Mzilikazi 2nd happens to be the man from where we have received compelling information and evidence related to his claim of the throne as King. 

 SRK speaking of his Claim as King

Peter Zwide KaLanga Khumalo and Greater Sibanda discuss the search for Mthwakazi King



My registered name is Stanley Raphael Khumalo. I was born on 27 September 1958 in Nyamandlovu Hospital under the family name “Tshuma” but my birth date was erroneously recorded as 27 April 1958 till today. My mother’s maiden name is Meleni Mazibisa Dube and my father is the late Saul “Ngeza” Tshuma, oka Mdlomelo; oka Khuhlumba; oka Hlangabeza; oka King Mzilikazi.

After the death of Prince Hlangabeza which was orchestrated by King Lobengula, esithi uyamsitha isithunzi sobukhosi, his son Khuhlumba Khumalo who is my great grandfather fled towards the modern Botswana border in fear of his life. He found refuge in the North Nata area (eMkupavula) at a home of an elderly lady called Bahanga Tshuma. She hid him in a thatch silo (isilulu) and when amanxusa eNkosi (armed assasins) who were on his trail arrived, MaTshuma denied ever seeing him. As a disguise, Khuhlumba adopted the surname Tshuma and that became temporarily the family name until 2009. They also gave him a Kalanga name “Batungazebe” ngoba wayekleklile. 

While in the United Kingdom on 26 April 2002, I had a vision twice in my sleep where God revealed Himself to me using a Scripture; 2Chronicles 2:11. The message was very clear even though scary and unbelievable at the time. God told me that “He loves His people and has made me their King.” I have never had rest since that day. In 2005 I left the UK and returned home with nothing in obedience to God’s call even though I did not understand what was expected of me.

During the years; 2006-8, God spoke strongly about my return to our original name Khumalo. In order to “properly” do this my father decided that we consult spiritualists (izinyanga) for direction. Even though this was against my faith, I allowed it for the sake of progress. These spiritualists also confirmed God’s calling in my life, even acknowledging the “Great Spiritual Anointing” in me. Finally we agreed to follow the way of the Lord.

End of 2008, God sent me a messenger to come and tell me that God brought me back from the UK because He wants to restore the Matebele Kingdom and He has chosen me as the King. He also advised me to speak the Word of God; a king who also preaches like David. This Man of God has continued with me and my family till this day, in prayer and prophecy.

Dreading the calling because of inevitable challenges and public life, I chose to quietly assist the needy and the disadvantaged through my own resources and also to teach the Word of God only, leaving the Kingdom issue aside. I learnt the hard way that when God speaks, it is wise to listen because to God, obedience is better than sacrifice (1Samuel 15:22).

In 2012/3 I lost everything I ever had, including my home. My every business initiative pushed me deeper into losses. In poverty and shame I went to live and sleep in the streets with my wife.
It was during this time that I sought a deeper knowledge of God through Scripture, prayer and fasting; seeking for answers to my situation, and have never stopped. I also decided that I need to know the mind of God about my situation through His prophets because I could no longer cope.

To date, I have met with at least 10 Prophets of God, different nationalities and at different times, most of them more than once. Instead of addressing my financial situation, the Word of Prophecy has been consistent and it is that: “God has loved His people and has made me their King and that their freedom, welfare and prosperity and that of mine is tied to the restoration of the Matebele Kingdom. And that I, as their Servant King should take care of their freedom, physical needs and their salvation.” I have been given Isaiah 61.

I have full conviction of the calling and a very clear vision of what is expected of me. I am God’s choice by His Grace (favour) and not by merit or any qualification, and THE TIME FOR THIS RESTORATION IS NOW.

- Source: Stanley R. Khumalo, published by umthwakazireview.com



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