1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement

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1893 MRM – The People’s Movement – Restore, Rebuild , Prosper

What is the Ultimate purpose of “1893”?

  1. To oversee and succeed in lobbying and persuing the restoration of Mthwakazi 
  2. To challenge the British government and Monarch on the unfair and unjust manner in which they forced an amalgamation of two sovereign States without ever consulting their citizens and that furthermore upon granting independence to the States in 1979, they did not consider a debate or referendum of whether the citizens of the two States wanted a restoration of their original sovereign borders or not. 
  3. To empower uMthwakazi economically, socially, infrastructurally and through education so that we are better equipped with the resources and know-how of entrepreneurship and self-determination.
  4. Lobbying and demanding the immediate cease and desist by Zimbabwe’s government to discontinue its execution of the 1979 Zanu PF Grand Plan which has led to the continued systematic murder, rape, torture, discrimination, displacement and the disappearance of millions of Mthwakazi citizens.
  5. Ensuring that the world at large knows and acknowledges and respects the pre-existence of Mthwakazi as a nation whose Kingdom and self governance was destroyed by the British monarch and its parliament during the Gadade War of 1893 and events  thereafter.
  6. Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (1882). To ensure that the British Queen and her Monarch as well as the British government are held accountable for the unjustified destruction  of the Mthwakazi Kingdom as well as the aftermath suffering and persecution of its heirs. It was Queen Victoria of the British Monarch who signed and or approved Treaties, Concessions and other illegal Agreements that forced the colonisation, elimination and destruction of the Mthwakazi Monarch. Cecil John Rhodes, the British Businessman who pioneered and led the elimination, destruction and colonisation of the Mthwakazi Kingdom Cecil John Rhodes created the conditions necessary for the British Government and Queen Victoria to approve and legitimise the attack of the Mthwakazi Kingdom during the 1893 Gadade War where the British government manufactured and tested their first Maxim Gun on the Matebeleland warriors. 

7. To ensure that Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF government is held accountable for the development of the 1979 Shona Grand Plan-designed to be the step by step plan to destroy the nation of Mthwakazi from the year 1979 and beyond.

8. To ensure that Zimbabwe’s current and former government officials are held accountable for the Gukurahundi Genocide.

9. To ensure that both the British Government and the Zimbabwe current and former governments are held responsible to pay reparations to the individual families and victims of all atrocities, war crimes and human rights abuses committed by both governments and their allies against the people of Mthwakazi.

10. To get formal apologies from the British Government as well as the British Mornach and the Zimbabwe government for the genocide and war crimes they committed and continue to perpetrate against Mthwakazi nation.



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